Happy Summer

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Dear Mrs. Brennan Thank you for teaching us things interesting things I really like the present you gave us. They are awesome. I really like to do see them it makes me happy. Especially the time when I saw the book mark and book. I also like the the ball. Because the one Mr. Larsen gave me is broken. As for the pencil they are awesome because they have my name. Stay safe and wish you a good summer. From, William Zou

To all my dear teachers, Thanks for teaching me! And I enjoy online learning. Ms. Meagher and Mrs. Gomez, thanks for all your help. My reading level has improved a lot. Thanks for all the feedback you have been giving me on my work. I also love the read aloud stories that you have been posting on Google Classroom. I also love EPIC! Ms. Munday, I really enjoy robotics and the fun programming and building that you let us do. Ms. Hynes, I love all the websites you listed for us to explore. For example, the ology website is cool. I got to learn about paleontology and it was fun even though the games couldn’t load on the iPad. I hope you all have a great summer! Love, Kevin Zhang (class 2-309)

Dear Ms. Detorre/Scotko, I am Zixuan’s mother. I gave you a childish child. Now that you graduated, you also called him a lot of knowledge. During this period, how much effort did you put in, how much sweat, how much Caring, children are the best witness. Here, children learn how to behave, how to live, how to communicate, and form a good life and study habits. We thank the kindergarten for the cultivation of the children and the teacher’s care for the children. The journey of growth, thank you, teacher, for your hard work!

Dear Mrs. Parrella Thank you for being our teacher for 4th grade. Thank you for making the school year fun mad even when we were stuck at home. When we were in school you will read us book and let us play math game if we finish math early. Also thank you for putting a section of book we can read for fun like dog man and dragon slayer. I also sincerely appreciate your effort because I learned a lot like colonial like and to find the formula for 3D shapes. From Evan lin

Thank you Ms. Sheehan and Mrs. Slattery for being my teacher this year. It was nice being in this class. And I’m not being sarcastic or anything but I think that you guys were my favorite teachers that I ever had. Even though we couldn’t see each other in person for the whole year, I still had a great time with you guys. – Doris. Wu

Dear Mrs. Brennan Thank you for teaching me so many things and giving me my everything I like. Like that ball you gave me because the one Mr. Larsen gave me is broken. You even gave me the Winn-Dixie book. And even special pencils with my name on it. Stay safe and have a great summer!! Love, William Zou

Dear Ms. Chen and Mrs. Parallela Thank for everything you have done for me I will never forgot you. You are the best teachers in the world. You would help me in any situation. Sometimes the answer is wrapped around you. Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you will land among the stars. Love, Ze Rui Zheng (Jerry)

Dear Mrs Frisica and Mrs Quach I just want to let you know that you are one of the best teachers I ever have.Thank you for your help and support.I am now off to middle school and I hope you will see me become something big in the future.Have a great summer and have fun. -From Fiona

Dear Ms.Brennan, Hi I am Peiwen I really miss you and I didn’t really want the school to close This felling makes me feel melancholy. I really enjoyed being your student I wish we can still have class Your the best and and ever yet Thank you so much. From all my love peiwen lin

Dear Mrs. Piscottano Thank you for all your hard work teaching me and my classmates. You are an amazing teacher. I think i’m ready for 3rd grade.Thank you Mrs. Piscottano for being a great teacher. I will miss you! Love Rennus Huang Your 2nd grade student

Dear Mrs p, You are the best teacher in second grade. I hope you have a great summer, you have done a hard work to help us became better in this time. Thank you for teaching us. I hope you have a great summer and stay safe. – ren hao cai

Mrs Lu,Thank you for your guidance and help to Vincent this year. Vincent is very lucky to have met an excellent teacher like you in the important school year and let him make progress in all aspects. Thanks again .Vincent Huang

Dear ms. Schroeder, thank you for teaching me throughout the year i really appreciate your help and your patience. I really learned a lot in the year and i hope i can visit you next year. from myles

Hi, Ms Wang. I am Annabella, I want to say thanks to you because you teach us very seriously and you are very nice to us. I will miss you all the time. I wish you have a wonderful summer.

Hi miss p: thank you so much you teach me writing reading math and everything I miss you so much see you soon. Julia Zhang k-205

Thank you Ms.Parella for being such a good teacher this year. Being with you was so much fun! I hope you have a great summer! —Dingwen

Hi Mrs.Healy it’s a honor to be ur student and it has been a nice times with u like when u make jokes and I wish u luck in ur future teaching Love ~ Kahang

Thank you all teachers for teaching and supporting me all the way here. I’ll miss 176 and I also hope to visit again some year again! -Josephine Chen

Mrs. Meagher and Mrs. Gomez Thank you for teaching me this year. I really miss you both and miss school. I hope you both have a good summer.

Hi ms. farida thank you teach me violin I love it have good summer Julia Zhang K-205

Thank you so much all of you for your support!! Thanks for make me feel close to my “ normal life “ in those days Sayumi

Xueying chen:Thank you for teaching me reading,math,science,social study,and the other thing. You are a amazing teacher!!!

From Shealtiel Guo Mrs.Agolli thank you for teaching me in school and I hope you have a great summer take care

Dear Ms.Wong thanks for having me I’ll always remember you Sincerely,Kevin

Ms hill thank you for teaching me reading writing math Science social, thank you so much, I miss you. Jeffrey.

Thank you for teaching me second grade you are the best teacher I ever had from Jeffrey Dong to Mrs.p

Dear Ms. Tsen, Thank you for teaching me and I am proud of being one of class K-203.

Thank you for teaching us, ita been one of mine best school year-Yuxuan Che

Thank you teacher for your help .I love mrs.margolias.I love ms.looney

Andrew wang . Thank you for been my teacher. You’re awesome.

Thank for ms.wojcik and ms.andrade to take care of me . Bruce

Thank you for teaching use things in school by yehengli

I will miss you Mrs pisciottano. TingTingWeng

thank you ms. Reale by QiongWang

Thank you ms.p From dannychen To ms.p

Thank you very much for your hard work and help this year – Xinling gao