Sustainability Challenge

Starting today (May 11), The DOE Office of Sustainability will launch a fun social media challenge called “The Sustainability Challenge: Small Actions, Big Impact”. Figured I would pass along…could be a fun thing to do with your families or just as a personal challenge! 

For 10 days, participants will commit to taking 1 sustainable action every day and will share their actions. You can find the daily actions on our Sustainability Challenge webpage:

The challenge will be hosted on Instagram, but you can also share on other sites. If you use that social media platform, please tag @nycschoolsustainability #SustainabilityChallenge #SmallActionsBigImpact on the photos you post.

You can also send your challenge photos to , we will post your photos on this page!

Together, our small actions will have a big impact. Even if you are not on Instagram, please still participate in the sustainable actions to make our positive impact even bigger!